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About Us

Our Story

Have you ever dreamed of sailing aboard a catamaran? Of feeling the salt sea breeze in your face and warm sun on your skin? Of seeing breathtaking sunsets over an endless horizon and experiencing the joyful freedom of life on the water?

Sail Cocoa Beach was established to give you all that and more! We wanted to bring catamaran sailing to Florida’s Space Coast so that people could experience its true, wild beauty. Sailing is something that gives us so much pleasure; a feeling we aim to share with you through one-of-a-kind, forever-memorable tours.

We’re proud to be the #1 catamaran sailing tour company in the Space Coast. Our tours are led by experienced US Coast Guard Certified Captains and designed so that everyone from sailing beginners to old sea dogs will discover something new and exciting!

Whether you’re a sunset-chaser or a wildlife-spotter, we aim to fulfill your dreams aboard our MaineCat 41 commercial catamaran. While we can’t guarantee what you’ll see, we can promise you’ll be in great company and have a whale of a time! Eager to join us? Book your trip or get in touch to find out more. The water is calling you!

a large ship in a body of water

Our Mission

Sail Cocoa Beach aims to show people the natural wonders of Florida’s Space Coast through memorable tours aboard our catamaran. Everyone should have the chance to experience the joys of sailing and life on the water, from the salty air and soft breezes to the beautiful sunsets and native wildlife.


Our Vision

As the first and only catamaran tour company in the area, we’re continually working to bring our sailing experiences to more people. The emphasis will always be on having fun while sailing and making memories that last a lifetime.

“Throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the tradewinds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.”

Mark Twain

Our Team

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Capt Ritche


Sail Cocoa Beach Co-Owner Captain Ritche loves the water, boats, sailing, and the space industry. Being captain of Always Sunday is the perfect fit since he spent 30 years in the hospitality and tourism industry and enjoys people and sharing his love of all things water and space. Originally from Illinois, he operated tour boats on Lake Michigan and was a captain in Chicago for five years.

a man standing on a boat



Sail Cocoa Beach Co-Owner and Mate Josh is an avid outdoorsman who is happiest when on the ocean or the river. As mate, Josh is the guy that makes sure everything is in order, from vessel maintenance to passenger safety to overall daily operations. Originally interesting in flying, he obtained his pilot’s license, then found the water calling to him.

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Capt/Pirate Kris


A Florida native, Pirate Kris has over a decade of experience as a sailboat captain. Travels as he grew up took him many places; Hawaii is where he developed a passion for competitive kite surfing and boating. Besides being a captain in Florida, Pirate Kris also led bioluminescence
kayaking tours. His moniker comes from his days working on a pirate boat attraction in South Florida.

a man sitting on a boat

Capt Kevin


Captain Kevin is no stranger to sailing: he has been a captain for over 20 years and even built his own boat. An Indiana native, he is an avid learner, a political enthusiast, and a writer. He enjoys sharing his love of sailing with guests aboard the Always Sunday and can often be seen sharing piloting tips with aspiring young captains.

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Mechanic Bobby is the gentleman that keeps the Always Sunday functioning as she should, always ready to take every day’s guests onto the river, the ocean or both. Bobby is a lifelong boater. Years ago, he visited Florida from Pennsylvania, liked it, and never went back to his home state. Before ably caring for Sail Cocoa Beach’s vessels, Bobby worked as a mechanic for several space agencies.



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